Regional Economic Solutions (RES) is inspiring all learners to fulfill their potential and assume exciting roles at all levels of Australian society to live a good life.

RES Directors Leann Wilson and Mal Meninga are distinguished Australians who bring a remarkable level of wisdom and accomplishment in business, public service, First Nations and Australian South Sea Islander communities.

Supporting First Nations people to persue their dreams and live a good life

Leann and Mal are passionate about the diversity of programs on offer including leadership, cultural agility, truth-telling and Moon-da-Gatta. All leading to more inclusive and culturally safe environments.

From regional schools to the corporate world, RES is committed to encouraging First Nations people to reach their full potential.

From regional schools to the corporate world, RES is committed to encouraging First Nations people to reach their full potential.

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Role models

An Australian South Sea Islander rugby league legend, Mal, continues to be a role model for all Australians in sport, business and community.

Leann, a proud Bidjara/ Kara-Kara and South Sea Islander has represented Australia and First Nations people at a United Nations Commission on the Status of Women and finds every opportunity to support First Nations people to realise their full potential. She was on the selection panel and sponsored the award for the Australian Federation of Medical Women’s (AFMW) inaugural bursary for First Nations women medical students.

Bond University has enjoyed a long and mutually beneficial relationship with Leann Wilson. In a variety of roles, Leann has assisted our university to develop and grow its activities, impact and understanding of Indigenous culture and affairs. Leann has connected us with regional Australia and Indigenous communities whom we would otherwise struggle to establish a genuine dialogue. Leann’s passion and energy is infectious. She has a very natural style that is comforting and effective when discussing awkward and sensitive topics. Leann appreciates the power of education and her philosophy of learning rather than judging has been influential in advancing our institution’s cultural understanding and diversity.

Tim Brailsford, Vice-Chancellor & President, Bond University

BOTS case study (750pxW x 600pxH)

Building on the Strengths of Our Stories (BOTS)

Building on the Strengths of Our Stories (BOTS) is one of the most widely acclaimed programs co-designed between Regional Economic Solutions and Queensland Department of Resources. Held over two days,...

Apprentice initiative spans the gap

Regional Economic Solutions (RES), in partnership with Ausenco, has the capacity to support First Nations apprenticeship programs in the mining and resource industry. Support structures are also co-designed to facilitate...


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