Regional Economic Solutions (RES) connects with communities to understand what is important.

RES has longevity in facilitating community outcomes, based on a track record of culturally proven and community savvy processes.

Listening to hear

Listening to hear and understand is the investment required in strengthening relationships. This investment allows for informed decisions making.

If people make decisions based on holistic knowledge, including an understanding of history and culture, we can walk forward together.

Writing services

RES offers specialist writing, editing, and publishing services for First Nations businesses, non-government organisations and new talent.

This is in addition to our tailored education programs and communications support for businesses, government and industry engaging with First Nations communities.

Here are the services we offer.

Community Enquiry

Key messaging

Identifying communication strategies and defining messages to distinguish you positively from competitors.

Technical and business writing

Writing, editing, proofreading, designing, illustrating and producing all forms of reports, plans, policies and procedures.

Document structuring

Structuring new documents through to complex document systems, and troubleshooting existing systems.

Award and grant Submissions

Capturing a submission’s essence that is worthy of recognition, then compellingly and powerfully relating this in a form that will convince the judges.

Tenders and proposals

Developing winning submissions, identifying value propositions, ensuring conformity with bid requirements and framing submissions for impact.

Communication collateral

Media releases, magazine features, presentations, web copy, CVs, newsletters, fact sheets, brochures, speeches, advertisements, video/audio scripts and more.

BOTS case study (750pxW x 600pxH)

Building on the Strengths of Our Stories (BOTS)

Building on the Strengths of Our Stories (BOTS) is one of the most widely acclaimed programs co-designed between Regional Economic Solutions and Queensland Department of Resources. Held over two days,...

Apprentice initiative spans the gap

Regional Economic Solutions (RES), in partnership with Ausenco, has the capacity to support First Nations apprenticeship programs in the mining and resource industry. Support structures are also co-designed to facilitate...


Trusted by Community, Industry and Indigenous Business Owners

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