Who We Are

Regional Economic Solutions (RES) is dedicated to creating fair and ethical outcomes for First Nations people, businesses, and government.

A majority owned First Nations business, RES understands the intersection between corporate and cultural governance and management practices. Which often underpin disconnect between the corporate and government sectors and First Nations communities.

Lived experience, outstanding outcomes

RES draws on the lived First Nations experience and successful careers in the public and private sectors enabling productive collaboration between stakeholders.

We work with community, government and businesses that deliver economic, social and cultural outcomes that are sustainable, ethical and responsible.

Connecting with communities and multiple stakeholders

Our innate understanding of respectfully engaging with First Nations and broader communities is fundamental to creating value for all.

We focus on understanding first in order to co-designing solutions inclusive of community requirements and project drivers. We help clients/ stakeholders navigate the legal, social and cultural intricacies inherent in facilitating project outcomes in line with economic, social and cultural sustainability.

Knowledge sharing for collective success

We facilitate and broker understanding between First Nations people, businesses, and government to come together to:

  • share knowledge
  • collaborate and co-design a way forward
Connected to Country… we connect communities and businesses to achieve mutual outcomes.

Learning on Country


We can assist First Nations businesses and communities, NGOs and new talent to tell their stories, supporting them with writing, editing and publishing services.


Partnering with scientists and organisations, our 65,000 years of First Nations wisdom handed down is crucial in addressing climate change and other environmental concerns.


Case Study

Carrapateena - Connecting a mine and a community

Regional Economic Solutions’ (RES) scope in the Carrapateena Copper-Gold Project included engagement services, cultural heritage and cultural awareness, construction staffing and support.

Learn how the RES team, as part of the Ausenco Downer Joint Venture, brought together mining company OZ Minerals and the Traditional Owners and First Nations community on the $320 million


Trusted by Community, Industry and Indigenous Business Owners

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