Our Artwork

The story of Regional Economic Solutions (RES) and its people are represented beautifully in our artwork.

Completed by artist Barry Rainman Boland in 2019, the painting is a collaboration piece which was led by Leann’s son, Leroy supported by Leann and Mal’s story.

The painting depicts the eggs which represent the birthing of new ideas, that is creative and innovative and the circle on the edge of the Australian map represents the office of Regional Economic Solutions and the team. All the circles in the centre which is formed by the Rainbow serpent curled up represent the cycle of life, seasons, business associates, conversation around cross cultural capability and capacity and regeneration of ongoing growth. Also, in the painting the Garpa beegun (Native bees), Gulbay (Emu), Moon-da-Gatta (Rainbow serpent), Nindyiman (Sea Turtle) and Guwardu (Coconut crab) represent the Aboriginal, Torres Strait and South Sea Islander descendants that work for Regional Economic Solutions. Also, they symbolise Spirituality, Identity, Beliefs, Values, Belonging, Family and Cultures. The four pathways leading in from the four corners with the footprints represent reconciliation and coming to the centre to meet and share ideas and planning for building a foundation for present and future generations to come. The Map of Australia in the background represents the future growth of the company throughout the nation and overseas Indigenous peoples.


RES artwork… colourfully telling our story.


We can assist First Nations businesses and communities, NGOs and new talent to tell their stories, supporting them with writing, editing and publishing services.


Partnering with scientists and organisations, our 65,000 years of First Nations wisdom handed down is crucial in addressing climate change and other environmental concerns.


Case Study

Carrapateena - Connecting a mine and a community

Regional Economic Solutions’ (RES) scope in the Carrapateena Copper-Gold Project included engagement services, cultural heritage and cultural awareness, construction staffing and support.

Learn how the RES team, as part of the Ausenco Downer Joint Venture, brought together mining company OZ Minerals and the Traditional Owners and First Nations community on the $320 million


Trusted by Community, Industry and Indigenous Business Owners

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