The BlackCard is a Supply Nation Certified business which delivers cultural programs to businesses and organisations across Australia. Aunt Lilla Watson and Mundanara Bayles are the founders of the business a RES was engaged by The BlackCard to provide project management support, to help them deliver a very large contract to Commonwealth Bank and Bank West, over nine months. This project is part of Commonwealth Bank’s elevate reconciliation action plan.

To harness the commercial potential from a large catalogue of lectures and other training material, RES helped The BlackCard to conceptualise then develop an online eLearning portal. This subscription-based service has a range of interactive eLearning modules and also a library section where students can read other material at their convenience.

Aunt Lilla Watson’s had, over a number of years, written an Aboriginal dictionary or Lexicon. RES helped to turn this document into a Smart Device App, to provide users with handy, on-demand resource to support their learning around Australian Aboriginal culture and history.