Leann Wilson helps launch Healing Strategy for Torres Strait Communities

RES Director and Deputy Chair of the Healing Foundation, Leann Wilson, this week helped launch the foundations Torres Strait and Kaurareg Aboriginal People’s Healing Strategy on Thursday Day.

The strategy supports Torres Strait communities in addressing issues like child safety and wellbeing, community safety and the lack of women in leadership. Developed by the Healing Foundation in partnership with local healing leadership, the strategy is the result of extensive consultant with Kaurareg Aboriginal people and Torres Strait islanders and is designed to address the trauma affecting Torres Strait communities as a result of colonisation.

 The strategy’s recommendations include:

  • Support for a women’s healing strategy to strengthen women’s leadership in the region
  • Preventative and restorative men’s healing programs to help men address their issues in culturally sensitive ways
  • Healing programs and services for 13 – 26 year olds who have experienced violence or abuse and are dealing with the impacts of trauma
  • The development of community healing teams to support and drive healing at a local level

“The strategy maps community needs and healing aspirations against existing healing work in the Torres Strait” said Leann Wilson, Healing Foundation Deputy Chair.

“It identifies key gaps and proposes practical solutions to address them through service delivery at the local, state and federal government levels.”

More than 600 people from throughout the Torres Strait have contributed to the strategy’s development, including through two community healing forums supported by the Healing Foundation, along with government and non-government organisations.

“The recommendations contained in this strategy are drawn from the Kaurareg and Torres Strait healing gatherings and represent the voice and knowledge of the community,” Ms Wilson said.

“We urge governments at the local, state and federal levels to acknowledge the strength of this wisdom by supporting and implementing this strategy.”

The Healing Foundation is a national Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisation with a focus on building culturally strong, community led healing solutions.

More information about the Strategy and Foundation is available at  www.healingfoundation.org.au

Article written by permission from the Healing Foundation