Board appointments complement Indigenous focus of RES approach

RES General Manager Leann Wilson’s work in the Indigenous field is not limited to her role with RES, but connects deeply with the community via her various Board memberships with Arts-based and community-led organisations. Currently Leann lends her knowledge and expertise to the Board of two Australia-based organisations – the Aboriginal Centre for Performing Arts (ACPA) in Brisbane and the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Healing Foundation.

ACPA is a Registered Training Organisation owned by the Queensland Government which provides high quality training in the performance disciplines of dance, music and theatre. The Board, comprising of five Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander members, and five Non-Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander members, formally reports to the State Government and Minister through its funding partnerships with Arts Queensland and Department of Education, Training and Employment. It also reports to the Commonwealth Government through its funding partnerships with the Commonwealth Department of Education.

ACPA attracts students from urban, regional and remote communities across Australia. The programs not only respect, support and build on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander’s strong tradition of story-telling through performance (words, music and dance), but they also prepare students for employment in the broader Australian creative industries.

Leann’s other Board membership is with the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Healing Foundation, a community-focused national Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisation that:

  • funds and supports healing programs targeted at individuals, families and communities;
  • builds the evidence and knowledge base for best practice in Indigenous healing; and
  • builds leadership and the capacity of communities and workers to respond to trauma through education and training.

Leann is also Deputy Chair of the Healing Foundation following a vote at the last Board meeting.

Both ACPA’s and the Healing Foundation’s work closely aligns with a number of key RES services including:

  • Training, up skilling and mentoring; and
  • Planning and implementation to create Indigenous employment and business opportunities.