Australian government Bidjara Project

Regional Economic Solutions (RES) recently received funding from the Australian government, via the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet’s Jobs, Land and Economy Program, to provide specialist services for the Bidjara Project. The project is designed to assist Bidjara Traditional Owners Ltd in providing opportunities for the Bidjara community.

The RES team will be responsible for:

  • Collating and reviewing all agreements between Bidjara Traditional Owners Ltd and resource companies
  • Identifying potential employment and business opportunities that could be leveraged from within existing agreements
  • The development of strategies to harness these identified opportunities – both in existing agreements and in future negotiations in new agreements
  • Identifying key resource companies, agricultural enterprises, government agencies and other stakeholders best placed to offer business and employment opportunities for Bidjara Traditional Owners Ltd.

The 18 month project commenced in January 2015 with the first phase due to be completed in March 2015. The team looks forward to working closely with the traditional owners to identify further opportunities for the group.