Cultural agility programs

Cultural agility

Regional Economics Solutions’ (RES) brings a holistic approach to projects that create successful and sustainable outcomes for the project proponents and First Nations communities on whose land they operate.

As a First Nation-owned and operated company with a strong corporate backer in Ausenco, we offer a strong point of difference in supporting project owners and Traditional Owners to:

  • reach agreement
  • work together throughout a project phase
  • help strengthen local communities beyond the project

Identifying opportunities

Success has historically seen RES Director Leann Wilson facilitate community information sessions featuring project experts to explain the project and its opportunities.

In parallel, we set out to understand the community’s capability through an initial audit against project positions and skill requirements. Findings determine pathways into employment or additional training.

Existing contractor contacts, Black Business Finder and Supply Nation are engaged to identify and understand First Nations contractors and businesses.

Sessions share local knowledge

RES initiates and co-designs programs with Traditional Owners to educate the project management and workforce, ensuring:

  • First Nations cultural understanding for all employees
  • the workforce has a heightened awareness of the Traditional Owners, their affinity to the Land, and negotiated agreements in place
  • Traditional Owners or their representatives co-facilitate the delivery of sessions sharing local cultural knowledge and information.

Preparation for work

Where required, we seek to partner with community groups to deliver a culturally agile prevocational and employment program.

The aim is to build long-term sustainable employment outcomes in line with those already achieved on our projects, such as the Carrapateena Copper-Gold Project.

Increasing opportunities during employment 

Where opportunities present, First Nations employees can take advantage of career growth and development opportunities, such as attaining certificates of competency.

RES use existing services and support structures that assist First Nations people to promote and drive employment and business outcomes.

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Why RES?

Regional Economic Solutions (RES) is all about building relationships across First Nations communities, business and government. We are ideally placed to negotiate beneficial outcomes for our clients and partners.

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