RES has undertaken a significant amount of Indigenous engagement and facilitation work on behalf of Santos on the Narrabri Gas Project during 2014 and 2015. This has been targeted around consultation with key Indigenous stakeholders for the project EIS. In addition, broader consultation with the wider Indigenous community has occurred including the native title applicants, Local Aboriginal Land Councils and elders.

RES has acted as the independent intermediary between Santos and Indigenous stakeholders. RES has been able to both gain the trust and respect of key Indigenous stakeholders and Santos which has facilitated the project moving along in a more harmonious way.

  • Facilitating Indigenous EIS and CHMP workshops for the Narrabri Gas Project
  • eading Indigenous engagement for the Narrabri Gas Project
  • Development of Indigenous employment and business development programs for the Narrabri Gas project
  • Negotiating a review to the Cultural Heritage Management Plan for the Wongkumara.