Regional Economic Solutions (RES) is dedicated to bridging the economic and social gap between Indigenous Australians, businesses and government. Our aim is to foster an environment of engagement and collaboration around projects, and work with Indigenous Australians, government and businesses to support social, public policy and economic outcomes that are sustainable, ethical and responsible.

We achieve this by acting as an impartial partner to organisations in assisting them to negotiate the web of legal, social and cultural intricacies inherent in facilitating Indigenous economic development and realising timely outcomes. At the same time, RES’ focus is to ensure this process facilitates positive impacts for the Indigenous communities, delivering outcomes that are real and tangible.

RES’ Directors Leann Wilson and Mal Meninga have the background and the skills to articulate and bring together legal/corporate and cultural/community governance practices:

  • RES understands business and government drivers and practices
  • RES has a deep understanding and knowledge of Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander and South Sea Islander histories, culture and contemporary impacts.

Critically, RES understands what success looks like for all parties and drives those outcomes.

Regional Economic Solutions

Regional – We have a regional focus and understand the complex economies of the communities we work with.

Economic – Financial independence for individuals and communities

Solutions – Solution brokers, we assess and evaluate risk to promote and assist self determination