Regional Economic Solutions (RES) is dedicated to bridging the economic and social gap between Indigenous Australians and the rest of the community.

We achieve this by partnering with organisations whose projects impact indigenous communities and work to ensure those impacts are positive, delivering social and economic outcomes that are sustainable, ethical and responsible.

RES understands:

  • Project drivers (for both government and private enterprise)

  • Cultural drivers for Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander and South Sea Islander people.

  • What shares success looks like for all parties.

Our Directors

RES Directors Leann Wilson and Mal Meninga are from backgrounds as diverse as they are well-recognised within their chosen fields, but both strongly believe that economic development is the way forward for indigenous people.



Executive Director, Leann Wilson a descendent of the Bidjara and Kara-Kara peoples in central and central-western Queensland and a strong advocate for economic development.



Director of Community Engagement, Mal Meninga is a proud patron for his South Sea Islander community and an Australian rugby league legend.

Our Values


Parity for First Nations People.


Drive social and economic outcomes for First Nations People in partnership with government and enterprise.


Hear – RES values the unique story of our clients and stakeholders. We understand and develop a clear appreciation of our clients’ future aspirations.

Feel – Cultural, social, political and environmental factors impact on growth and capacity building. RES walks beside our clients to maximise opportunities and navigate risk.

Evolve – RES supports clients to develop and evaluate strategies co-designed with local communities.

Our difference

With strong relationships across indigenous communities, business and government, RES is ideally placed to negotiate beneficial outcomes for their clients and partners.

RES is also backed by Ausenco — a global company providing consulting, engineering, project delivery and asset operations solutions to the resource and industrial sectors.

This means that RES can provide community engagement services at the beginning of a project and continue to broker relations from environmental permitting, through study and execution stages, into operations.




Bond University has enjoyed a long and mutually beneficial relationship with Leann Wilson. In a variety of roles, Leann has assisted our University to develop and grow its activities, impact and understanding of indigenous culture and affairs. Leann has connected us with regional Australia and indigenous communities whom we would otherwise struggle to establish a genuine dialogue. Leann’s passion and energy is infectious. She has a very natural style that is comforting and effective when discussing awkward and sensitive topics. Leann appreciates the power of education and her philosophy of learning rather than judging has been influential in advancing our institution’s cultural understanding and diversity.
— Tim Brailsford, Vice-Chancellor & President


I have had the pleasure of working with Leann and RES more broadly for a number of years. During that time, I have always admired Leann’s enthusiasm, vision and commitment to a defined process to make change. Critical in all her work is engaging in culturally appropriate conversations with respect and dignity.
— Dominic McGann, Partner


Leann Wilson and the team from RES have worked closely with Origin on developing a strategic framework for enhancing our approach to indigenous engagement including identification of the key strategic issues. This work laid a good foundation for development of initiatives, programs and engagement strategies that will enhance Origin’s capability to engage with key indigenous stakeholders. RES also facilitated information workshops to Origin staff on cultural awareness, native title and cultural heritage. These workshops were well received by staff and allowed greater understanding of key issues.
— Fraser Power - Manager, Stakeholder Advocacy Stakeholder Relations

Our Ausenco Affiliation

AA - Ausenco Affiliation.jpg

We have a close association with Ausenco, a global engineering, consulting and project delivery provider to the minerals and metals, oil and gas, and industrial markets. Through Ausenco RES has access to a vast pool of international experience in delivering community development opportunities in remote and challenging locations around the world.